Getting Intentional: Imagine


Imagine a world in which men rewrite the stories of their own lives and those of their brothers by participating in the transformational outpouring of God’s power over pornography. A world in which the terms “Before” and “After” have breathtakingly significant meaning.  A world in which the pretense of human notions of masculinity crumble under the weight of the definitive, authentic declaration of God.

Imagine a world in which women know they can have confidence that the men of their culture will care for them well because these men do not consume women for their own pleasure. A world in which men no longer merely strike a pose of manhood only to be found as paper thin, but actually have a strength worth offering to the world.

Men, imagine living in our sex-saturated world free from the power pornography has held over you in the past because now you are on the path of healing and masculine growth which is making your heart whole.

Men, imagine yourself as a man who knows he really is a man rather than a fool who constantly tries to impress the world with demonstrations of what he thinks masculinity is.

Getting Intentional is excerpted from Intentional Warriors: Fighting For Purity And Freedom In A Sexually Saturated Society. Get your copy today.

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