fighting for free hearts

  • Unknown

    I Am Ashley Madison

    No. This is not an admission that i had an account with Ashley Madison. i didn’t. And for that i am grateful. But when you consider Jesus’ words about looking at women…

  • DSCF0115

    Getting Intentional: Below The Waterline

    The Tip Of The Iceberg As every addict learns at some point, the actual behavior of the addiction: looking at pornography; getting drunk; shooting drugs; and so on, is just the…

  • Boxerhands1

    What Are We Fighting For?

    Recently, a friend posed simple question to me about Intentional Warriors that led to very thoughtful analysis on my part and has resulted in a subtle, yet significant, change in…

    Heal Your Heart

    i had the pleasure and honor of being part of an interview project by Stephen Kuhn at Belt of Truth Ministries in which he asked numerous…


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