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    The Collateral Damage Of Porn

    Earlier this summer Tim Challies posted something on pornography which is really spot on. Using the term Pornolescence, Challies describes a situation that many people get into…

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    Purity Essentials: Humility

    Luke Gilkerson of Breaking Free posted earlier this week on the missing ingredient for many men when it comes to fighting for purity and freedom: Humility. There are so many great…

  • johnEldredge

    Porn Vulnerability: An Explanation

    There are many issues at play when it comes to porn addiction, and one blog post is not going to cover all of them. Most of us spend years working through our sin, our wounds and…

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    As It Matters In Battle

    There is a scene in the Oscar-winning film Braveheart in which William Wallace and his boyhood friend, Hamish, meet as grown men after the years Wallace spent in Europe with his…

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    It’s All Been A Lie

    i remember that during the early years of my recovery i had the overwhelming feeling that my whole marriage to that point had been a lie, that there was nothing good or real about…

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    Prostitution Is Comical?

    Jim Norton, who wrote a piece defending prostitution and the Johns who use prostitutes in Time Magazine, is not ashamed to pay for sex — and he says other men shouldn’t…

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    We’re Talking About Practice

    One of the iconic sports moments of the early 2000s — not just in Philadelphia sports, but nationwide —  is the  famous “Practice” press conference which Allen…

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    Entertainment For Men

    “Entertainment For Men” is the tag line for Playboy magazine. At least it was during the years i was looking at it. Those three words, when attached to pornography,…



    If nothing has changed in your addictive pattern with pornography and lust, you have to ask yourself some questions.  And you have to have a measure…


    Real Brotherhood

    At Intentional Warriors we talk all the time about the needs every man has when he is tackling his addictive pattern with pornography and lust. We…


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