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  • DSCF0047

    Porn Is A Small Story

    Stories. Our lives are stories. And it is through stories that we best understand who we are. That stories are central to our existence is evidenced by our friendships, our…

  • DSCF0115

    Getting Intentional: Intense Battle

    God Intrudes The story of God from Genesis to Revelation is a story of intense battle against evil for the hearts of those whom God created in His image. Jesus’ birth was…

  • brene

    The Pursuit Of Connection

    Brene Brown is a researcher storyteller who speaks very powerfully about shame, vulnerability and connection — among other things. i have been watching her TED talks again this…


    Change. But How?

    Change. So valuable, yet so elusive. Perhaps it is so elusive because of its value. Change, for most of us, rarely comes easily. Whether it’s losing…


    Porn = Envy = Futility

    Pornography is, among other things, the destruction of beauty. Or, perhaps more accurately stated, it is the attempt to destroy beauty. Beauty actually cannot be destroyed.…


    The Bends

    It’s been more than a week since i shared the podium with Dr. Mary Anne Layden of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania…


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