fighting for free hearts

  • RTS-Weekend-Intensive-Banner-2 copy

    Freedom Restored. Really.

    Michael John Cusick is the author of Surfing for God, one of the very best books available on the issue of compulsive sexual behavior.  It is an honor to have him as a friend…

  • Shh

    Porn’s Secret To Success

    When it comes to the damage pornography does to a person’s soul, i offer myself as Exhibit A. The ways pornography caused me relational pain are too many to list. The fact…


    Milestones On The Journey

    Today on the blog at Covenant Eyes: Marriage After Porn. It’s part of the story of my journey out of porn addiction and the way in which God brought healing to my…

  • sunsrise

    Beauty Over Porn. Every Time.

    Outside my window, the city skyline loomed like dark, jagged teeth between which the train snaked as it delivered me to an uneven and misshapen silo somewhere in that vast…


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