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    Learning To Fight

    One of the things God has been teaching me lately is how an Intentional Warrior fights. Meaning, what do you do in order to fight well? The answer has been a little surprising.…

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    Christmas Presence

    The flight back East from Colorado earlier this week was interesting and it shed light on one of the greatest things missing in our culture these days: Simply being present. i was…


    Enough Is Enough

    Just a few weeks ago, Enough Is Enough — a non-partisan, non-profit dedicated working toward a culture in which “all people are respected and valued; for…

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    Porn And Manliness

    The web magazine The Art of Manliness ran a series recently on porn. It involved four installments:  An Introduction, Why is the Pull So Strong?, The…


    Porn And Politics

    The race for governor in Pennsylvania took a salacious twist recently as the incumbent, Tom Corbett and the challenger Tom Wolf, traded accusations concerning pornography. Coverage…


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