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    Getting Intentional: Embracing Danger

    Journey Out Of Captivity As a pornography addict, i had to embrace Danger in order to take the journey out of captivity. The Danger was being brutally honest with my wife about…

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    Whatever It Takes

    The question was simple and direct, and it exposed my excessive rambling — which  had been going on for the last 15 minutes — as pointless. “Are you willing to do…

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    Managing Your Porn Habit?

    Back in the prime of my addiction, I used to come up with all sorts of “plans” that I tried to employ in order to break free from pornography, lust, and compulsive…

    Heal Your Heart

    i had the pleasure and honor of being part of an interview project by Stephen Kuhn at Belt of Truth Ministries in which he asked numerous…


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