50 Shades Of Grey: Let’s Talk

In all the heated rhetoric about the runaway hit book series 50 Shades of Grey, there is a conversation that our culture is not having.

And we desperately need to.

For example, what does the popularity of the book series and the anticipation of the movie say about our culture’s relationship with sex?

In previous posts i have raised concerns about the book series based on reviews i had read, but i also asked for people to share their thoughts. i haven’t gotten any comments or thoughts.

i am curious to know if it is different from pornography, or if it isn’t different and the attitude among readers is “so what?”

For starters, the book was promoted as “Mommy Porn” by women who approve of the book.  That label was not used by opponents of the books. That phrase is loaded and is worth examining.

Secondly, what readers say about the sexual scenes in the narrative sounds a lot like the sort of things i used to read in Penthouse Forum and the “Letters” sections of other porn magazines.

So is 50 Shades just another version of that or is it different?  Does it even matter is it’s the same or different?

But here’s to another try. And to stoke the fire a little, i am including a link to a commentary piece sent to me by a friend. Ruth Graham wrote about 50 Shades here.

As disclaimer, i am not endorsing everything she says.  However, i agree with some of it and i think that her comments, along with the comments in the comment section at the end of the piece provide interesting fuel for a conversation.  But even those comments do not constitute the sort of conversation i desire.

So, let the conversation begin…

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