Fathered By God

Imagine a room of 450 men all of various types and styles.  There are cowboys — literally — along with priests, artists, a man in a kilt, and various others who represent ages from 16 through 76.

Now imagine that room as an ocean on which waves of weeping sweep back and forth.

One of the powerful memories i will carry with me from Wild at Heart Boot Camp is the weeping: the sound of 450 men weeping.

Men who didn’t know each other, often sitting side-by-side, and weeping.

The Fatherhood of God is something that grabs a man unlike anything else.

And truth be told, from the women i know, it grabs women just as strongly.

But for the sake of discussing Wild at Heart, the fallen world is such that even those of us with good fathers will still know the pain of fatherlessness. But nothing brings joy like the knowledge that our Heavenly Father is our True Father.

To have the Validation, Affirmation and Security of being Fathered by God is more precious than gold, silver or any jewel.

My True Father spoke at Wild at Heart. He did. And it was beautiful.

In order to turn from The Woman and not be captivated by her, or pornography, a man must know how deeply loved and valued he is by God. He needs to know his true strength and his true identity are found only in God.

He needs to know that all he requires in Life is supplied by The Father, and that The Woman has nothing to offer him when she presents herself in the context of pornography or its many relatives.

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